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Friday, February 01, 2008

Google Earth

Regulars to this space understand I'm techno-challenged. I mean, I didnt get cable until 2 years ago. Until 3 months ago, I was Dial Up Man. I thought life began when I bought my first leaf blower. That was a year ago September.

So maybe you'd heard of Google Earth a little before now.

If not, read on.

Google Earth allows you an overhead view of just about anyplace you can imagine. It's one of the great time-wasters of our age. It's also a good tool for checking out a vacation spot. We're going to Tortola in August. Wanted to see where the villa was, in relation to the beach, roads, town etc. GE'd it, got so close I could see the red tile roof of the house. Amazing.


at 10:49 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I coach, and was taking my team to NC A&T in Greensboro for a competition last summer. Wanted to make sure where everything was around the stadium(parking, etc) and how the roads were actually configured. I could see the lane paint on GE. You can't put a price on that kind of peace of mind when you travel alot.

at 11:23 AM Anonymous Greg said...

Tortola? Is this your first visit? We are going in March for our 5th trip.

at 11:43 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also heard about this thingy you can use wherever you want to talk to people right next to you or all the way around the world. I think they called it a cell phone. Sound pretty cool.

at 12:15 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had to uninstall Google Earth from my computer because I was wasting so much time I was having trouble getting my homework done...

at 1:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're practically prehistorc, Paul. I hear cell phones and GPS devices are the next big thing...

at 1:43 PM Anonymous ol' dad said...

the microsoft version of the 3D maps is a pretty slick too with their "bird's eye view". i think it gets a bit more detailed in some areas as well.


at 1:48 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

GE.... check out maps.live.com and look at the birds eye view feature.... wow

at 5:14 PM Blogger Paul Daugherty said...

hey, 1:13... Practically?

at 8:22 PM Anonymous Ryan said...

ol' dad, I think its called "Windows Live Local." It really puts Google Maps to shame

at 4:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the Jolly Roger in Sopers Hole when you are in Tortola. Awesome food and drink.

at 1:52 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

DSL + HDTV in the span of a few months? You early adopter! :-)

Glad we were able to do some creative network engineering to get you out of dial-up land. I can't imagine doing what you do for a living without broadband connectivity.

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