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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Oh, sorry. I was just reading/listening to the latest 85 Trade Me rant. Dunno if he's putting us on. Dunno if he's serious. Dunno if he needs the attention. Dunno if the hand running up the back of his shirt and into his jaw belongs to D. Rosenhaus. Dunno why he has to keep saying this stuff. Message received, several messages ago.

Here's all I know:
He has a contract that keeps him here for several years.
Mike Brown loves him. Is not in favor of trading him.
Marvin has said 85 isnt going to be traded.
Which leads me to believe he'll be here next year, and so on.

Maybe he'll hold out. Maybe he'll ask for his deal to be re-done. Good luck.

Here's something else:
Receivers arent hard to find.
Receivers and running backs are often not much better than those throwing to them or blocking for them. How was Wes Welker pre-Tom Brady?

With 85 and TJ, the Bengals won 7 times playing an easy schedule. Unless 85 can rush the passer or be the next Ray Lewis, they'll probably win 7 with him again next year.

It's long past amusing listening to 85 bang the spoon on the high chair. If he stays, great. He's a lot of fun to watch. If he goes, well, whatever. It's the easiest position to fill in the league.


at 4:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chad's attitudes remind me a lot of the Patriot's Moss and the Cowboy's Owens. If they're winning they're happy, but when they lose, they cry (like a baby). The Bangals have chosen to give Chad a pacifier, I'd trade him....

at 4:50 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,

On another subject, I think you did a disservice to Mick and UC last night stirring the pot again on the Bob Huggins thing, especially with all the negative talk right before you had Mick on at 8:00. Mick didn't deserve that.

I know that Huggins is in town and that's going to be news, but the folks that have been saying 'the program is dead' and calling Cronin nasty names have been quiet the past few weeks as things started turning around. Your show last night just gave them a chance to come out of the woodwork again. Enough with it already; let's move on. Give it a few more years to heal, though, before we talk about plaques and statues.

Otherwise, keep up the good work on your show; I think you're really growing into it. Don't stoop to the easy, sleazy approach of some others trolling for callers.

at 4:53 PM Blogger Rus said...

In Chad's first or second season, didn't he run up to Jerry rice after a game and asked for pointers and expressed his desire to be just like Rice?

Why is it I keep getting reminded of T.O.?

at 4:54 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plus, the receiver that excels after age 30 is very rare. Trade now.

Regardless, I'm sure Parcells understands this.

at 4:57 PM Anonymous Chris, Mt. Healthy said...

Very well said

at 5:05 PM Blogger Sarah said...

Agreed. All this is getting real old REAL fast. I love watching him play, he's a great athlete and I've always been a fan. However, I think its past time for 85 to grow up. He's a man, he's a professional, and now he needs to start acting like it.

at 5:29 PM Blogger Mark said...

It just doesn't matter. The organization is broken. Chad Johnson used to be Carl Pickens. Marvin Lewis used to be Sam Wyche. Until Mike Brown steps down, the Bengals will suck.

at 6:14 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a marketing conspiracy. I would have thought Marvin and Bengals, Inc. would condone Chad's behavior; however his interview on NFL Network is posted on Bengals.com!! Either Marvin and the Bengals marketing guys don't work together, or this whole display is a clandestine approach to generate Bengals buzz around the country, with pre-approval from Marvin and Brown.

at 8:27 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...


I completely agree...I'm so tired of all the Chad drama. He needs to be a professional and grow up. At the same time I do feel he was treated unfairly by the local media making him the scapegoat for a lackluster 2007 season. We all know he's not the reason this team was losing.

By the way weren't you the one who convinced Chad to write his autobiography? How much did you bank for that gig? Now you're one of the first ones to jump on the bandwagon to criticize. Gutless...you should be ashamed.

at 9:04 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would the Bengals post the interview on their site front page?

at 10:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, You've said repeatedly that Mike loves Chad - what makes you think that? I'm pretty sure you & Mike aren't drinking Stones together.

Agreed it makes sense - clueless loves clueless.
Just wondering?

at 11:04 PM Blogger Chris S. said...

Why is it that wide receivers are generally the biggest divas and prima donnas in the game of football?

Does it have something to do with the fact that they are usually the best traditional athletes on the field (in terms of speed, agility etc.) which leads them to a feeling of superiority to the inferior athletes that surround them? Are their egos are blown out of proportion because they make the majority of the Sportscenter-worthy big plays while big plays made by offensive linemen and special teams players go unacknowledged because they don't put backsides in seats? Is it because of some sort of bizarre subconscious complex that develops in a player who is literally physically separated from the rest of the team on the field in offensive formations and in turn becomes arrogant either out of necessity due to "being on his own" on the dangerous gridiron or because he indeed feels "separated from" and thus better than his teammates?

Is there a reasonable answer to this question that someone here can give or that can be found somewhere else? Wide receivers are important, but they are really no more important than everyone else on the field and far less important than the position of quarterback which produces far less divas (Jim McMahon and the like aside). So why do these guys act so important? Am I making a dangerous generalization about wide receivers? Is it just this generation of flankers and split ends who are like this? Did the previous generation of wide receivers not include egos like Chad's, TO's, Moss's and Plaxico's?

at 1:01 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Chad at the Kenwood mall the other day. Everyone was worshipping him. Why?? The man can catch a freakin' football.

I work in sales and in this economy I feel like a supermodel in a fatsuit. Seems as if no one wants what I'm trying to sell.

I now feel the same way about professional sports. The redneck,cornhole-throwing, chili worshipping, idiots in this town can have Chad Johnson.

Go support him. Worship him at the mall. I know he means the world to my family and mortgage payment. Riiight!!!

at 1:47 AM Blogger Bomber2Musky said...


I don't think having the NFL's leading receiver in yards over the last five seasons makes Chad Johnson replaceable. To be honest, the attitude this city has towards Chad is disgusting. The man helped bring the Bengals out of the dark ages even before Carson, mind you. More importantly, he gave the Bengals a national voice. He played an extremely large role in getting the Bengals coverage on ESPN. ESPN loves putting the Bengals on prime time television just to see what this guy is going to do next. Anyone remember the intro to the Bengals vs Jags MNF game?

We knew what to expect from Chad whether we were winning or losing. I read a lot of your articles earlier in the year complaining about Chad jumping into the dog-pound and such...why? You keep calling for Chad to grow up but fail to see that this is Chad now and will be Chad when he's 70 years old. So why not have him scoring TDs in Cincinnati?

To trade him would be the biggest mistake the Bengals will have made in the Marvin Era. A good receiver may be a dime-a-dozen, Paul, but a great receiving core is not. Minus Chad: a good receiving core, not a great one.

at 2:18 AM Blogger Curt said...

Why would Mike love Chad? Because Chad gives the Bengals a chance to be on the National Stage, in a prime time game. Without Chad does anyone think that this team will have any prime time games next year? This kind of drama begs the NFL to come to PBS.

at 8:01 AM Blogger Paul Daugherty said...

Remind me of all the Pro Bowl wideouts on the 2000 Ravens or the Tampa team that won it all. Tell me how Troy Brown and Deion Branch will be in Canton. Hook everyone up with all those great receivers Bill Parcells coached with the Giants. Point is, great teams are built from the inside out. You rush the passer. You protect the passer. Chad is becoming the player he always said he didnt want to be. He has done more to prolong this alleged scapegoating than anyone with a pen or camera. And as he has said, it was someone inside the organization who originated the trade rumors, and the notion that 85 is selfish. Didnt you find it telling that he said only 2 of his own teammates have his back? Don't you think it's interesting the Bengals are showing interest in Hue Jackson, even though they don't have a job for him? Either 85 is right and everyone else is wrong. Or he needs to mature a little.

at 8:31 AM Blogger Paul Daugherty said...

And really, what's the local infatuation with being on prime time? Here's how you get on national TV: Win. The notion that the Bengals "need'' 85 because he keeps them in the national spotlight is a little strange.

at 8:58 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time for Carson to be the leader everyone thinks he is and get Chad settled down this offseason. No leadership and no accountibility on this team. They better get things cleaned up or they won't win 5 games with next year's schedule.

at 9:07 AM Anonymous a.turtle said...

Hey Johnson, run the right route once every four games, and then pop off.

at 9:32 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats strange is the notion that you and a certain Lance McCalister started this whole mess. Sports writers in this town make me sick.

The fact is Chad is one of a very few good players we have on this team. We are better with him. He makes every other reciever on this team better. TJ and Henry won't be the same without Chad being double teamed. All this worshiping of TJ will end after a bust season without Chad.

We are a better team with Chad. I don't care if he is happy, mad or sad. The bottom line is when he suits up he performs at a high level. The guys on this team who don't have his back should be cut, because guess what outside of TJ and Carson no one on this team deserves special treatment. Its a fact of life whether you're an athlete or a CEO big time performers get special treatment for what they bring to the table.

I would be angry to if I were Chad if a bunch of talent less hacks on my team were talking smack about me to reporters "off the record".

Again you Paul started this situation period and you owe the fans of Cincy an apology.

at 10:10 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whiners and complainers are not tolerated in New England. The Bengals need the same policy.

at 10:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Bengals should hire Dr. Phil instead of Hue Jackson...

at 10:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember when Corey Dillon was the best player on the Bengals? Who misses him now?

at 11:06 AM Anonymous jwads said...

Chad IS a distraction, during the off season. If he wants out, let him go, good riddence. That will give Marvin more time to baby sit the other 53 cry babies.

at 12:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bengals, especially Marvin, are just as guilty as Johnson himself for what he has become. They are enablers of his behavior. What were the repurcussions this year of the HOF jacket, Dawg Pound, and fumble pouting embarrassments? Marv gives him a pat on the helmet as he walks off the field, and recently a fat contract extension. They created, then enabled, this monster.

at 2:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Bengals should have seen this coming.
I 'd be very interested to know if Lewis or anyone else in the organization made an effort to speak to him before this week.
It's well known Johnson whores himself out on radio row every Super Bowl, and you could see this act coming a mile away. All the Bengals had to do was go an talk to him after the Mike and Mike interview, but no, Lewis and Brown stick their heads in the sand and hope it all goes away.

at 3:13 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you clear up a point. wasn't it Chris Mortensen of ESPN who originaly said the team was thinking about trading Chad? Why does people balme the local press for doing their job?
Chad babbles like a baby and the press reports. How is that the fault of local media?

Robert Young

at 5:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't blame Chad blame Marvin

At the end of the day Chad has gotten out of control for one reason Marvin Lewis does not discipline him. All of Johnson's touchdown celebrations have been great except for the following two.

1) The HOF jacket - Lewis shold have ripped the jacket up on the sideline and let Chad know that his individual accomplishments won't happen without his teamates.

2) When Chad jumped on the camera and got a flag. All I can remember is watching Lewis laugh about it. ( I would have canned Lewis right after the game if I was Mike Brown) Any other player does that and Lewis lights into them.

Chad is a great team player. However, he tends to stray away from the concept at times. A good coach won't let that happen. At the end of the day Lewis has double standards for his players and he is to blame for the problems last year.

at 5:15 PM Anonymous OrlandoMike said...

If you trade 85 you BETTER get something for him!! I am tired of seeing players go from the Bengals to other teams and post fantastic seasons and the Bengals mire in another sub .500 season. Smart personnel moves are needed. I guess since I said that I should jump on the bandwagon of my wife's team...the PATS.

at 5:57 PM Blogger Paul Daugherty said...

hey, R. Young... Yep, Mort reported it... some of us had heard the same, likely from the same source, and chose not to make an issue of it... that's the same, you know, controversy-seeking, player-hating media that works here.

at 6:12 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd take an interior defensive lineman or a linebacker for the guy. Chad Johnson is a freaking crash test dummy. Hit him and he explodes, most of the time separate from the ball.

at 6:18 PM Anonymous last place cincinnati said...

If they trade him. Trade him to the steelers, so the Bengals could see him twice a year. He would burn cincinnati to the ground. All i have to say that if you get rid of chad then you know that the losing Bengals are in full form. The media started this crap(yes even you Paul Daugherty), Cincinnati is a loser city and will always be unless you are talking about the reds. Bengals will never win a super bowl.If Palmer loses chad , kiss the Bengals goodbye. Atleast the tickets will be cheaper to buy.:)

at 6:38 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul Daugherty, you are the most gutless, worthless, talentless excuse for a reporter on the face of the earth. for you to have any part of chad's autobiography and then bash him the way you do, you should be ashamed of yourself. All you do is try to stir up dead issues because you never had any athletic talent. you don't deserve to be a reporter in ANY newspaper and you're the reason why so many people have jumped on the bandwagon. you're terrible and i can't believe you're gonna get a paycheck for this. i really hope that you can look your family in the eye after the way you treat the TRUE talent in this city.

at 9:09 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:38, If that wasn't a joke, please seek professional help ASAP.

If it was a joke, no ones laughin'.

at 11:00 PM Anonymous Chirs from ATL said...


Nice article today about the importance of the wide receiver. I agree completely. Chad is entertaining and a great wide receiver, but he doesn't want to be here anymore and we can sell high right now. Just something to look at for everyone.....how solid does Eli look in NY now that his loudmouth TE is injured and he's not forcing throwns to him?? Just like RB's can be replaced when you have a good line, the WR's can be replaced when you have a solid QB.

at 3:16 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boyd Dowler, Carroll Dale, Don Maynard, Otis Taylor, John Mackey, Marv Fleming, Bob Hayes,Lance Alworth, Mike Ditka, Fred Biletnikoff, Paul Warfield, Drew Pearson, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Art Monk, Mark Bavaro, Michael Irvin, Antonio Freeman, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt,Keyshawn Johnson, Hines Ward, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne.....
I guess superstar receivers never win Super Bowls !

at 12:05 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of the star receivers listed previously show up for big games.

Ask the Steelers if they fear 85.....

The answer is (after they pick themselves up off the floor from laughing too hard) NO !!

at 12:17 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember when Corey Dillon was the best player on the Bengals? Who misses him now?

Corey Dillon has a super bowl ring.

at 1:30 PM Blogger russ said...

Yeah, Paul! Don't you know that once you write a book for somebody you're supposed to have your nose permanently lodged in his brown-eye? You should be the Jim Gray to CJ's Kobe Bryant!

at 1:39 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your article is right on all counts.As far as the media starting this whole saga?BULL.....Chad is a pain in the ass and gets worse every year.A player I once enjoyed has morphed into a minor-league imitation of his idol TO.

at 4:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with everybody. Chad...... YEY!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!! YIPEEE!!! This whole blog thing is fun. These people are going places. So, am I. Hey, I play madden alot. Do, you think I could be a coach? Oh, and I am also on a Flag Football team, and we always loose because nobody listens to me.

Yey!!! Blogging is NEAT-O!!!

We don't like Chad because We Hate Talent!!! YEY!!! I love Carson!!! My wife likes the Bengals and she has her Jersey on Every sunday even though she couldnt name more than 5 players whose last names arent Palmer or Johnson!!! YEY!!!

Yeah, well I think you are all stupid. I watch the Bengals and Chad is everythin and not your pretty golden boy Carson Palmer. YEY!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

The Cincinnati Media is a bunch of Buffoons!!! Media makes me want to throw up but i read it every day because i either have an eating dissorder or i am an angry man in desperate need of controversy and cowardly ventalation!!! YIPEEE!!! Spaghetti and Chocolate fried salsa!!!


I dont know what every one is soooo upset about I love this City. The Bengals are losing and that's the team I have always rooted for!!!!!!!!!! WHO DEY!!!

at 8:03 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, censorship is justified in some extreme cases. Please use it - even if you use it me. Just protect us all from the 4:03's of this world.

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