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Thursday, February 07, 2008

your laugh for the day

Go to YouTube and search for Drew Rosenhaus' video re Ocho Cinqo. I honestly don't know how the man keeps a straight face.


at 11:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drew declaring that "this matter will be handled privately & very professionally" ... on You Tube, priceless.
He must be talking the "profession" of prostitution.

Sort of like the mouth on Barry's swollen head saying "I never knowingly.....".

at 11:23 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul while I agree w/ your comments I would not suggest watching this at work. After I watched last night I took a shower to wash the slime and dirt off. About the only missing from the video is Rosenhaus saying "Next Question". Which should be how do the people who spent $ on 85 jerseys feel now?

Robert Young

at 1:33 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people who bought the number 85 jersey feel the same way Ryan Freel and Josh hamilton fans feel when they bought their jerseys. One thing is different, Chad had NEVER BEEN ARRESTED OR BANNED FROM THE NFL FOR TAKING DRUGS. Next question.......you like apples? How do you like thise grapes smart guy?

at 3:11 PM Blogger ewad said...

I can't believe you guys are wasting time worried about stuff like this.
Chad is an All-Pro receiver, and signed to a contract here.
He either shows up and plays, or he doesn't and will not get paid.
He is not the problem with the team nor the organization.
Last I checked he didn't play on the 30th ranked defense in the NFL.
His last name isn't Brown either.

at 4:02 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just had a thought, in a crosstown transaction perhaps the Bengals should trade Chad Johnson to the Reds for Adam Dunn. The Bengals need good linemen and Dunn fits the mold while the Reds need some excitement, someone to stir the pot a bit. I think the problem is that they're both in the wrong sport. Dunn is quiet and stoic, like a lineman. And if Chad starts mouthing-off, a few "knock down" pitches will quiet him down in a hurry. Wadda' ya' think?

at 11:38 PM Blogger Tar Heel Fan said...

Just a thought Paul you wouldn't even be aloud to carry Chad Johnson's jock so get off his back and whine and moan about how he won't talk to you to someone who cares.

at 8:11 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smart guys no how to spell 1:33

at 2:34 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny, 8:11 >> I think.

at 10:23 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey anon 1:33! is that you Chad?

at 10:40 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Brown should create new one-year contracts for every player and coach. They should include a modest base salary with performance bonuses capable of reaching the highest pay for that position. They should include penalty clauses with suspensions without pay and fines for the conviction of breaking any laws. They should also include suspension without pay and fines for violating any NFL league policy. Trying to renegotiate a contract in public, the press, etc. should be considered breach of contract and constitute immediate cancellation of said contract. Great players/coaches would make great pay, good players/coaches would make good pay, poor performing players/coaches would get paid poorly and bad ones would make little or nothing. Bengal employees could be contracted with a similar contract but different performance incentives and penalties.
Take legal control lawyer Mike Brown.

at 10:44 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tar Heel Fan, Chad is not intelligent and mature enough to know what a jock strap is.

at 10:18 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a joke that Chad's agent was quoted as saying, ..."whatevfer conversations I am having wiht the Bengals regarding Chad will remain private". Just like a lawyer. He wants Chad mouthing off to the national media, blowing off the local media, but when it comes time for the agent to speak he wants to remain mum.

at 10:22 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

It never bothered me when Chad did a dance, or gave the football C.P.R. or got up on the televisino camera mount. Just as long as you produce, baby. Just score. Just win. As long as helped the team, I don't care if he parachuted off the Carew Tower. But NOW he is HURTING the team. He is making the Bengals less attractive to other players (free agents) that might think about coming here. After the turnaround of our image the past 5 years, now this. You want to sit, Chad? Let him sit, sit, sit. I wouldn't take anything less than a lst-2nd round pick AND an impact player for him if he's traded. The $$ Bengals would lose under the cap could have bought another impact player. So either we get BIGTIME RETURN for him, or sit his sorry carcass.

at 11:12 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

Photo of Chad holding an Ocho Cinco Redskins jersey:


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